Speirs EP

by Speirs

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Debut EP from Speirs.


released May 15, 2015

Recorded by Doug Zogby at GFI Studios.
Mixed and mastered by Adam Cichocki at Timber Studios.
Music written by Speirs.

Guitars and bass recorded by Kyle Waldron.
Additional tracks on "Headwarm" recorded by Doug Zogby.
Vocals recorded by Alexandra Wendt.
Additional vocals on "Cover" recorded by Alex Jones.
Drums recorded by Gary Umstetter.
Additional guitars on "Name" and "Sake" recorded by Joe Clark.

Special thanks to:
Lisette Briceno
Andrew Benedict
Doug Zogby
Joe Clark
Alex Jones
Katelynn Zimmerli



all rights reserved


Speirs Rochester, New York

Atmospheric/indie rock band from Rochester, N.Y.

Speirs is:

Alexandra Wendt
Curtis Matteson
Luke Tierney
Dan Cooper

Thanks for playing with us,

Andrew Benedict
Andrew Wendt
Joe Clark
Kyle Waldron
Ryan Maher
Gary Umstetter
Chris Penney
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Track Name: Headwarm
You found me underneath the stairs.
I am the sound you could scarcely hear.
When we try and talk it over,
skin and bones are all I wear.
To be honest, you were lovely,
and it seems I'm barely here.
If my mind weren't slave to chaos,
my intentions would be clear.

The quake of an age is expounding...

You're too wrapped up in resounding idle titles;
I don't know how to reach you, and I don't think I can teach you.
Useless heraldry - this is an inheritance; we are nothing or we're even less.

The stars increase our skywardness and...

So hold on to yourself cos there's no one here to keep you sane,
with the taunting shrieks of those who rest here.

...and even they are singing,
but none of us are looking up
and all our cells are ringing.

I don't want to hold my breath for you; you're beautiful, but I'm starting not to care.
I'm removing all the Earth that never grew when you were here.
Misguided courage, oh I know it will be the measure of us all.

What's there to build?
What would you love to despair over? Upon?

And if the time comes that you open me there's secrets you will find;
They will keep us both together.

We are alive.
We are lost, and all our sirens are singing.
They break us upon us.
All is quelled with ringing.

We build, but are we gone?
Our bodies do not become… (x2)

It's only when you realise you are lost, you fight to be found.
It is only when you realise…

Oh, it's so sad what we do just to stay connected, when we already are.
And I'm glad I knew your heart before I ever doubted.

(It is only when you realise)
Track Name: Cover
Poised without the effort, without the dignity,
and with no promise of agreeing.
Our choices have not flattered us,
and I do not want to follow you anymore.

I am covered in hushing blankets,
In entrapment,
In deja vu,
In all those who would keep me still.
I am covered in myself, but I am folding into you.

Hold a lightness lest your innocence be drained from you.
A distant closeness and a shifting but consistent focus.

Set me to rest and send me a gaze to burn.
Closing in on my position from a primal transition.

I am covered in hushing blankets,
In entrapment,
In deja vu,
I am covered in myself, but I am folding into you.

Hold a lightness lest your innocence be drained from you.

I do not want to follow you.
Our choices have not flattered us.
I do not want to follow you anymore...